Since 1995, Poorna Trust has been working towards holistic, inclusive and sustainable education through an alternative school in Bangalore called
Poorna Learning Centre. It has created and curated teaching resources for holistic development of children. The focus has been on pedagogic innovations that nurture creativity and learning through active engagement. The school enables children as free, independent thinkers, capable and willing to work towards a happier and more sustainable society. The core values of the school are sustainability, inclusivity and holistic learning.

Poorna now expands the scope of its activities as a robust alternative learning space by setting up children’s resource centers in underprivileged communities. To be able to do this, Poorna is seeking support in terms of financial, material and volunteer assistance for its community outreach program. The outreach program has two components:
a)children’s resource centers and
b)collaborating with government schools to strengthen public education.

The link to the website of the outreach program: https://www.bija.poorna.in/