Campus & Facilities

Campus & Facilities

Poorna’s campus in Sathanur Village is warm and inviting. A simple brick building with arches, very few doors and lots of open spaces and small niches, the architecture reflects the school’s culture of open, holistic learning.


The Library is a space at Poorna that is a source of great joy and discovery. You can settle by the window and read a book, sit in a circle and listen to a story, work quietly in a corner or fight for a coveted spot on the spiral staircase!

Audio-Visual Room

A large space for children to move in and explore, the AV room is a multi-purpose space in the school. It is the space that hosts many guest lectures and talks, the dance and movement classes and movie screenings.

Science Labs

Poorna has two well-equipped labs. Both the Chemistry and the Physics/Biology labs can cater to needs of science students in any curriculum till their higher secondary exam. The labs again are open, supervised spaces that have interesting material for students to explore and learn from. Younger children are also encouraged to develop a scientific temper and give expression to their curiosity.

The labs are the location of innovation and experimentation. During science classes and activity periods, students make models, give their ideas form and conduct research with scaffolding from teachers.

Art and Craft spaces

The creative corners at Poorna are always bright and cheerful, with traditional paintings, folk art and ingenious recycled craft products on display. Children love to run to the craft room and dip their brushes (and fingers) in paint and show-off their beautiful creations! Pottery has been revived at Poorna over the past year. With the help of their teacher students have begun to learn how to use a potter’s wheel and also built a kiln!


Dusty but never empty, the playground is the space most sought after by all children. Students have only one destination in mind after quickly gobbling down their lunch or finishing an assignment early! The site of many cricket and football matches, kho-kho and kabbadi games, the playground is a hotbed of activity through the school day.[