Frequently Asked Questions


Poorna does not follow any particular syllabus; rather, the curriculum is developed taking into consideration the ages, abilities and interests of the children in each group. Overall learning goals are planned for each group of children, and there is room for working outside of these when children are interested to do so. Textbooks are used as guides where required. However, we do not limit ourselves to the textbooks.

At the age of fifteen or whenever they are ready for it, students of our school are helped to take the National Open School (NOS) Secondary Level Examination. This examination is conducted directly by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). The NIOS is an autonomous board set up by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, New Delhi. Students may sit the exam at the Bangalore centre after registering for the NOS. Students are helped to prepare for the NOS examination during their last two years of learning at Poorna.

In the past few years some students have opted to take the Cambridge Secondary Education Examination (IGCSE) with assistance from Poorna.

We encourage students to opt for either one of these school completion exams – NOS or IGCSE.

APoorna is a registered school with the Government of Karnataka. We are also in the process of getting accreditation from the National Institute of Open Schooling and at present correspondence in this regard is going on

At Poorna, we believe learning happens best in a stress-free environment. We endeavour to create an atmosphere where children can learn creatively, freely and happily. We also believe that students must learn to focus on their learning instead of that of others.

We begin exams for student groups equivalent to 8th std. to help them prepare adequately for their secondary level board exams.

No, Poorna is not a school only for students with special needs. We are an inclusive, alternative school catering to a diverse student population.

Students with special needs constitute one per cent of each student group or class.